Has anywone got Tina, Christies, and Lisa in game costumes yet?

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I know that you can get the costumes by following these steps

Tina- beat the game with her on legend mode without a continue (Ultra Hard)

Christie-beat the game with Christie on legend time attack mode without a coninue on (Ultra Hard)

Lisa- beat the game with Lisa on legend survival (Ultra Hard)

but has anybody have a hard time with this I know I am and this is insane and is there another way of getting these in game costumes?

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I have unlocked Christies by using christie and spamming 9kk after reading another player use it. I have heard but cannot confirm that people have unlocked tina's using other characters. A player on freestepdodge spammed Ryu's 4p+K and stated that they unlocked the outfit. I have not heard of anyone unlocking Lisa's so I do not know.

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I unlocked Tina´s after 5 tedious hours of spamming her 4P+K flying thing right after the opponent`s wake-up. But honestly it really isn`t worth it. Just wait for them to become DLC, i`d rather pay than spending 20 hours unlocking all of the 4 swimsuits.
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Thank for texting back and yeah I been trying to get those costumes, but I am having a hard time as well lol but if you

don't mind, can ya'll  gamesave your progress and email it here candle123c@yahoo.com that will be very much appreciated

and do not worry I have xploder so I can implement the save onto the PS3.


Yeah I do not understand why they made it so hard to get these costumes and all that work is just a waste of time.



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I unlocked tina's and christies by using Hayabusa and not using a continue.

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I used Lei Fang to get Tina's and Christie's.

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They gotta be kidding.

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I unlocked tinas and christies in no time. Just use Hayabusa and hit up back/up punch to create distance then up back/up kick and repeat it makes it so easy you be pissed at all the time you wasted trying it any other way.

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After the PS3 version got patched, you could unlock them by doing Ranked matches -- 50, 100 and 200 matches and you unlocked all 3. Anyone know if this works in the Vita version? I seriously doubt I'll be able to manage Legend mode, TBH.