Cult classic material for sure.

User Rating: 9 | Dead Island (Platinum Hits) X360
You know those old movies that a few people absolutely fall in love with and the rest of the people have either never heard of or though the case looked kinda dumb. You know what I am talking about, the great flicks like Swamp Thing and Killer Klowns from Outer Space or Evil Dead series. Well this is in the same dept. Zombie fans will LOVE this, its just what every zombie fan wants, a zombie apocalypse where you use whatever tools are at your disposal to survive. There is just something magical about putting some nails into a baseball bat and crushing a zombies skull with it, or how about cutting off their arms with a machete, or lighting a group on fire with a home made molotov cocktail. There are a couple nasty glitches that the devs are currently working to patch, but even with these bugs you can't help but get addicted to this first person zombie survival game.The only thing that could possibly make this game any more cult classic like is to have Bruce Campbell do a voice over for a character.