Dead Island

User Rating: 3 | Dead Island PC

Dead Island, this game is bad in so many ways, from barely manageable console controls to zombies with arms unaccountably far longer than they appear.

Real annoyances the complete futulity of upgrading anything or leveling up, as a result of some mad idiotic New Zealander sense of humour the zombies level right up with you, making it all rather pointless.

Zombie thugs who arms reach below the ankles and by their reach possibly drag along the ground two or three feet behind them, which would be fine if that is what they looked like but no they swing about a seemingly miss by yards but still knock you down.

Stupidly flimsy weapons that wear down at ridiculous rates, how does hitting a zombie in the head wear down a sledge hammer anyhow?

I really am sick of widly dishonest advertising pretending to be a review, this game is do not buy bad.