The Dead Island Story Line!

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Hii Players I saw many people raging on the story line of dead island, because nothing whas explained about what virus this is Rabies Or Kuru??, And how the virus did start and how this outbreak costs so many lives, even what happened to sinamoi and his crew, and what about the state enemy Kevin ( Charon ) The Hacker, I will tell you about it. First of all if you watched all cutscenes you get alot of information about this virus if you finally reached the jungle, if you are at the labratory and if you got all including DLC´S, and readed all banoi Heralds, Than you know that the Zombie virus is Called Kuru, Kuru comes from the It is now widely accepted that Kuru was transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via cannibalism, ( Banoi is laying at Papua New Guinea ), The virus starts at the Tribe you can find at the jungle if you readed what they told your hero ( Your Survivor Your Character ), Is that many years in this tribe this virus already existed, but they allways cured their Civilians, but some how the virus spread on the entire Island, If you played the Ryder White Campaign you should understand something more about this outbreak, So far as i searched on web and played dead island multiply times i understood more about this whole Plot, Its hard to explain it in words, but just search the web about the plot or the Kuru disease and you will understand more :P, As far as i readed i saw that Kevin (Charon The Hacker) Kevin is Charon the Hacker, That he want to spread the virus on the entire globe, because if you look at the ending cutscene, Logan Tells: I can't believe we made it. i'll be goddamm glad to have all my old problems back, As long the world is the way it use to be, Kevin (Charon The Hacker ) Answers this : Its not, and never will be, ( And Smilles ) According to the story line Kevin (Charon The Hacker) Is responsible for the dead of Dr.West, It is revealed that Charon plans on using Yerema as Dr. West called, "a walking timebomb" to spread the Infection, as he shows a smirk on his face, The Story Line of Dead Island will be more to understand in the Continued part of the Game - Dead Island Riptide, If you want to know more about the Story Line just wait a week and than Dead Island Riptide will be released or Search the web for more information it can always help, I hope my part of the story is clear for everyone if not, please say so or ask questions. Greetings Ricardo
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Dude seriously use paragraphs I didn't bother reading your post, but since this is your one and only post not sure what your point was. This entire game site is practically gone of all active posters like me. I may not have many thousand post but considering hardly anything to post on not much point.

Who honestly cares about the story? It's stupid and cliche and frankly the games suck, I regret buying them personally. Riptide being an insult they just throw you nothing but powerful weapons so I was never in any real danger.