Looking for a game killing zombies and using weapons to pass the level. This is the game you have been waiting on.

User Rating: 8 | Dead Island: Riptide X360
Dead Island is a great game I played a lot of this game. All you do is kill and pass missions for the charters set up. The weapons are awesome from a sword to guns. Its always good ammo in this game for a rifle or a pistol. Upgrade your weapon at a repair table in this game. The charters are amazingly realistic and tell you where to go and start the completion of mission. Going across the Island you will meet a lot of people and nothing but zombies. Running is in good condition in the game, to avoid zombies from eating you alive. You can also choose the girl or the other men. Rifle never worked better then the first one but both are great games. Pistol is accurate usually if you got upgrades on it, just as any weapon. Graphics are amazing the water, the beach and all the little things around the buildings. Easy to get forward in this game just run and attack the enemies. Your pretty much going to see all of the maps if you start from the beginning to the end it will be a relief. I would recommend this game to friends and family; nice game.