This is supposed to be a sequel?

User Rating: 3.5 | Dead Island: Riptide X360
If you were looking for a more improved version of Dead Island in Dead Island: Riptide, then you will be sorely disappointed. The thing with Riptide is, it's hard to call it a sequel because since the first game from 2 years ago, this game feels and looks the same. Aside from minor tweaks here and there, the game makes no improvement or brings anything new to the series. The game takes place right after the events of Dead Island and opens with promise, but deteriorates within the first 10 minutes. The combat is still clunky, and unresponsive as the first game. The environments look almost like the first one. Enemies feel grossly over powered and lead to dying numerous times with great frustration. You can upgrade your weapons and skills as much as you want but you never feel like you can last against the undead. The repetitive missions make the game boring and are not very engaging since the characters in the game are bland and show no emotion. You can play with up to 4 players co-op online and offline but it doesn't make the game any easier or fun. Dead Island Riptide is not worth your time if you played the first game since it's almost the same game. This game is just a waste of money and time. 3.5/10