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User Rating: 7.5 | Dead Island: Riptide PC
**NB - final verdict is at the bottom of the page.

4? Are you f^^^^^^ serious?
This game is hugely similar to the first Dead Island which got a 7 but this is much worse for some reason or another.

Lets just say that if I was to make a Dead Island game and it unnervingly got a sh^t rating because of a uninspired reviewer I would make sure they heard from me.

However, this does not mean its a perfect game, but come off it man, 4? WTF.

To the review.

I enjoyed the game, it is immersive, it is scary and fun at the same time.
Zombies howl from the distance, they charge at you with blood shot eyes, typical zombie behaviour added with a tint of ferocity here and there make Dead Islands game play a true and faithful experience.

To be honest, not many games get me sitting on the edge of the seat in an unsettling manner, perhaps Dead Space did it quite well, but Dead Island does it even better.
Its the unsettling feeling of the open vastness of the areas your traverse through, its not knowing whats behind this door or around that corner.
Its the fact that if your armed with a shotgun and shoot a zombies head off the sound attracts 10 more that were lurking in the shadows of trees and houses.
There is no time to rest in this game, tension is always there.
I truly felt like a survivor facing a zombie apocalypse.

Game-play is the traditional Dead Island experience with little change (Who other than this reviewer says there has to be?) and this was no disadvantage at all.
In fact I enjoyed the first Dead Island's melee and game-play. Maybe there can be a slight change in the gun aspect of Dead Island but its certainly not bad at all.
There is nothing more satisfying when a screamer (A quick, fast running zombie) dashes towards you, as it gets near you, you simply throw a blade at and watch its head dismantle from its neck as its body goes limp.

Weapons are varied, you can traditionally make your own, upgrade others, sell them, trade others and so forth.
There is much more access to military weaponry and ammo - this is more evident in the final map area which consists of an island tourism town with an Italian and Greek facade to it.

Slashing and blasting hordes of undead, for me, never became a chore (as the uninspired reviewer puts it) as the sounds and visuals in combat are great.
Zombies limbs go all over the place, heads roll, some zombies explode and so on - its highly realistic and well manufactured.
What makes this more addictive is the fact that each kill grants you experience points that allows you to unlock more skills in the skill tree - so the more you kill the better you become.

One negative aspect I did however find a problem with was one or two side quests as well as the odd main mission requiring you to go and fetch 'large' items.
Its okay to fetch one large item but when you have to fetch three large items it becomes mundane and repetitive.
For example, you will need to find a downed military chopper in the jungle - you find it and now there are two large machine guns on each door of the chopper.
You now have to get both these guns back to your main base somehow - the main base and the chopper nestled in a jungle with lots of rivers all over, therefore its obvious you will need a boat to transfer these guns.
So you open your map and see that the nearest boat location is 300 meters away, ffs!
Now you pick up one gun, due to its size you walk incredibly slowly without the ability to sprint and you now have to WALK all the way to the boat.
You find yourself having to do this for each gun - this takes 10 minutes to do which is a long time.
Then you have to get the boat from where you are to your base.
Due to the sound of the boat engine it attracts zombies already dormant in the water - these zombies knock you off your boat and things turn messy - this can be frustrating.
This is of one example of fetching large items - others exist in the game such as transferring canisters, boxes or whatever.

Characters are a bit sketchy tho yet they each have a nicely detailed history about them and what they used to do.
You are introduced to a new character (I cant remember his name) who was with the military before all shit went down, he is quite a rough type of individual that knows where to punch someone where it hurts most, so don't underestimate him due to his smaller figure. This addition mixes things up a bit so I felt obliged to choose him - so I did.
One should not take too long to notice the sketchy voice acting, its sounds a bit off here and there - the accents of the various characters are not too impressive either but its passable.
Furthermore, the characters body actions during cut-scenes are wonky. For example one might be angry and throwing his arms around yet it does not match his mouth movements nor his speech.
You will notice this.
However we dont really purchase the Dead Island title to scrutinize the main characters and how they perform with voice acting (except for this reviewer), do we?

The Final Word:

Dead Island is a good product as its simply fun to play and works well together.
Killing the undead is addictive and rewarding, visiting different areas of
interest in the game can also be satisfying to the player.
The fear/tension factor to the game-play helps to overlook some of the repetitive missions and fetch quests, however each quests is different and takes you to different areas in the Dead Island world.
Furthermore there is a lot of game time to be had here - the campaign can range up to 20 hours and there are varieties of side quests.
The world looks good, it looks even better with a blood splatter here and there which shows evidence of a poor victims final minutes.


-World looks good
-Lots of game time
-Scary atmosphere
-Zombie killing is rewarding


-Repetitive quests
-Voice acting
-Repetitive setting