A game that is everything it is supposed to be, with some glitches along the way.

User Rating: 6 | Dead Island: Riptide X360
I went through this entire game with my buddy, and much like the original Dead Island, it is still the same fun hack n slash zombie game. The storyline is much of the same as the first one, stranded on an island trying to fend off the zombie infection while looking for a way off the island. The weapons are much of the same, but do include some nice new additions, such as the flare gun and harpoon gun. New melee weapons are few but fun to use. The game gets a boost with the addition of Dead Zones, which are a blast to fight your way through. New boss zombies are also included, one being the screamer, who is really a troublesome addition. Co op is a blast, as I beat the game with a buddy and we had a very enjoyable time doing it. The game itself has many glitches, one in particular came around 90% through the main storyline. I had died after shooting the rocket launcher too close to myself and my buddy. My buddy respawned in a usual respawn spot, but I had respawned in an area of the game you cannot normally get into. Likewise, I could not get out of this area, I had to drop out of the game and reconnect multiple times, I even tried killing myself, and finally after about a half hour I got out. It was very frustrating. Other minor glitches in the game are easily forgotten, such as pulling a gun out and shooting it before the gun even appears in your hand. If you liked the original Dead Island, this is what you would expect from a Dead Island game. If you are new to the franchise, I recommend playing the first one first to see if you enjoy the game. Overall a solid experience minus all the gltiches.