The Good: graphics,dismemberments,blood effects The Bad: boring repetitive gameplay,stupid dull combat

User Rating: 3 | Dead Island: Riptide PC
Dead island fool me again, it gives me familiar feeling of anger when i have been fooled by colonial marines,it is same Dead island with different location nothing else.
yes you can repair and upgrade and create weapons but when large number of zombies attacks you or in a boss battle your weapons dose very little damage and your stamina bar goes very very quickly and you have to wait to fill it. i totally agree with gamespot rating so please take my advice and don't waste your time and money don't even dare to give/gift it to any decent hardcore gamer
he/she will probably kill you for that .after 11hour of gaming i really want to slap my face for wasting too much time with this kind of crap.gamespot dose not allow reviews below 800 character but don't know what else i can write about this shit*y game.