Not as bad as they say

User Rating: 8 | Dead Island: Riptide X360
Well where do i start i guess i'm not here to hate on the game.
I had just finished Dead Island a month ago but had pre ordered just to support the company. wow the day it came out i was like i should cancel this will not feel like a new game and i will have wasted once again my money. This is not how i felt upon starting this game i went out of my way to level up this time and use the objects in the game and just have a good time and i find that it does this very well. There are little tweaks to the game and it does not just feel like an expansion, so i am not here to point out every detail of the game other than if you enjoyed the first one you may rate this one higher than the meager 4.0 it got here !!
So start out with your imported character and the game is harder i ran through the first dead island and barely leveled my skill tree, this time i'm at level 48 and want to make it to 70 just for the fun of it .... after bioshick infinate i find this a fun time and when its released for $50 that's better than $60.00
and that there is my 2cents in support of !!!