Same game, different island.

User Rating: 6.5 | Dead Island: Riptide PC
I can't say I was looking forward to playing through this after reading the review Mark Walton had written, but my personal opinion is that he didn't like the first one and just so that he wouldn't like this as well. Riptide isn't so much a sequel as it is an expansion. It's a lackluster take on trying to make something better than it already was, though in this case it actually goes the other way.

That moment you woke up on the beach at Banoi; the game thrust you into combat in such a surprise that you got knocked out of your wits, but there is none of that here. You already know whats coming before it hits you and the surprises are all but a grain of sand on a beach.

The voice acting was always meant to be comical but it stretches too far for you to laugh unless you're drunk or on drugs. There's enough blood and gore in this to take your mind off the visuals. Combat is still the same skull-smashing combat as the first game, but even that won't make up for all the other faults once you get tired of it.

It's not a bad game, it just doesn't live up to what the original had to offer. If you liked everything about the first game then you will have no problems enjoying this.