Sort of like Dead Island DLC.

User Rating: 7 | Dead Island: Riptide PC

To say the least, Dead Island Riptide was annoyingly addictive.

This is like a very big expansion to Dead Island, so, if you liked it, you'd probably like Riptide as well.

After playing Dead Island and somewhat enjoying it, I told myself that I actually WOULDN'T play riptide, because DI was good but just about that, and even a little below, as I slowly grew tired of the it.

Long time after that, though, and when Riptide was on sale, the Dead Island urge suddenly came back to life within me.

Ha-ha. Yeah. Life. Dead. You've got that right.

Too bad that the Riptide effort wasn't equally funny and was even sort of insulting.

Don't get me wrong, it is enjoyable. I liked it even better than Dead Island.

What's insulting is, that Riptide feeld like a very massive DLC to Dead Island. But is sold as a standalone continuation.

And yeah, it does continue Dead Island, but surprisingly, it feels like a straightforward continuation of the product without trying to ACTUALLY bring us a new game.

And yes, there are improvements in Riptide. Some.

There are gameplay addition. Some.

But as I said it all feels like a very big DLC! Not a new game! And Unfortunately Riptide also stays with all the little things that were bad in Dead Island.

Oh well.

So after putting aside my anger towards Techland I took some time to actually enjoy the game. And I did.

Riptide also stays with all the good stuff that made DI addictive and good, and slightly improves them at times.

So, nothing changes really. Story is still very meehh, with one or two strong points along.

Quests and side quests are alright and actually are slightly more enteresting than in Dead Island.

Graphics and Musics pretty much stayed on the same level.

Weapons are awesome as always, with countless mods and weapons to upgrade and experiment with.

Exploration is always rewarding, as it should be.

The addition of the challanges system could annoy some, but for me it felt actually pretty good and it added some sense of advancement through the game, which is great and prevented me from detesting the game when I had to run for such long miles when the same zombies interrupted me along the same areas which I've already crosses numerous times.

In short, killing zombies was never so addictive.

And as much as I have my grumbles about the Dead Island franchise, I've found myself enjoying my time and craving for more, so, if you liked Dead Island or this is generally your stuff, you'll love it.