I'd rather be in a zombie outbreak than play this game...okay maybe not, but it's still bad.

User Rating: 3 | Dead Island: Riptide PS3
Let's get right down to it, folks. Unless you've got the patience of Job or some kind of masochist, you should stay well clear of Dead Island: Riptide. This sequel is nothing more than a half-baked expansion pack that does nothing new and somehow manages to make everything worse.

A combat system that gets dull after ten minutes, terrible writing, truly unlikeable characters, repetitive missions and a story that is about as interesting as sewer water, Dead Island: Riptide gives you barely, if any, reason to buy and play the game. The bottom line for me was the voice acting. I don't think they could have done a worse job if they really tried. In fact, I was hoping that zombies would tear them apart so they would finally shut up. Also, swearing every few seconds in a (fake) Australian accent doesn't really help.

Overall, treat Dead Island: Riptide like venereal disease and avoid at all costs.