shotgun ammo blueprint?

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I tried looking online if there's a shotgun ammo blueprint, and some people in older forums say its missing and nobody could find it. Some speculated it was placed in the game but maybe glitched into the surface of where it was placed. On PC people claim the game has a value for it so I assume they must have placed it.

I was wondering if maybe this glitch was patched if it was a glitch. I've come across people that claim they found it, but nothing specific. The Dead Island Riptide Wikia isn't as extensive as it is for the first game. Anybody know where to find it? I tried Google'ing but all I can find is older forums about people who couldn't find it, or links to the first Dead Island blueprint locations. If anybody can tell me where to find the Dead Island Riptide Shotgun ammo blueprint I'd be very appreciative.

I found the pistol ammo blueprint, and I know the rifle ammo blueprint is in the game. I've no real need for it since ammo is plentiful but I'd like it for replaying the game so I'm not without ammo in the early part of the game. I guess I can make do with a full pride modded bolt action rifle, but shotguns are great for hordes due to the quicker rate of fire and quick reload speed.