PS3; Can anyone give me modded weapons?

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Hey guys! Can anyone give me modded weapons? itd be awesome. many thanks. I only need a 1 shot kill anything harpoon with infinite ammo and a bolt action sniper with inifnite ammo and a little bit higher than normal damage. maybe like 40k damage. thanks!
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lol why should anyone help you out just like that? How about working for your own crap like everyone else? Why play it at all if you dont even want a decent challenge? I hope no one ever helped you out with this.

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I had this kid give me those weapons it ruins the game to the point I had to start over, the hacked weapons make the game too easy and boring, it stopped being fun hacking and shooting off heads if I never have to worry about them coming for me and winning. Of course you posted this like half a year ago and no one bothered to answer you then so not surprised, this site is dead when it comes to posting in the forums it's all about comments on articles anymore by the brimey british tards.