New Dead Island game?? awesome

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Sucks they continue the story tho.. to be honest i hate the characters in the first game, except for the asian melee lady, she seems honorable.. oh and the jamaican one too

the dudes look like a gay stylish couple who suck bags of penises for a living

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Well they do suck bags of corpses.

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I really hope this one will be even better! The first one was GREAT! There are a few games which can draw my attantion - this one did its job. It includs all major elements which I admire most in games - it is long enough, has a good story (though it is difficult to create story over zombie apocalypse, it is nicely presented here), includes RPG elements, lots of side quests, great characters and above all mentioned nice visuals! So, the story continues. The main point of zombie games, in my opinion, is survival - and developers made it, lets say so, more or less challanging. It would be nice if more guns will be included in this version! My favorite character is Purna (the gun expert), as one of the dudes said:"It is better to use ranged weapons, than been eaten by the fase"- or smth like this. And also I hope they will make it longer. To be honest, such games are underestimated sometimes, but as it is said - lovers gonna love. So I would like to wish luck to developers of such a great game! Your fans will always support you!!!

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Really enjoyed the first one, was a bit put of by lots of reports of it being a bit 'bug ridden', but in over 25 hours I've not had any. Reckon this will be well worth a look.
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I've been playing Dead Island for some time now, but I feel that something is missing. I don't care if my character dies because I know he'll be back in 10 seconds and the second reason is that I don't really feel attached to the characters in any way.

Most zombie games seem to be the same after awhile (fight a zombie, die, come back, fight a zombie...). I wish they would break the mold and come up with something invovative (ie. Infection when injured, and dying not being so routine that it doesn't mean anything). In L4D when your character died at least he died unless rescued (not the case when playing solo). 

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zombieees and corpses only two thing you can find in the game. _________________________________ Dead Island Riptide Glitches
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I've had far more glitching in the first game than the second, also have played through the second game so many times now, you definitely get way more weapons in the second game and have more modding you can do with them, I've also noticed a lot more players get on riptide as well. Story wise neither is very good but it's the gameplay that keeps me playing.