Very Disappointing don't buy

User Rating: 2 | Dead by Daylight PC

i have had DBD for a very long time and i can say i'm very disappointed in this game first question i will answer should you buy it

my answer differs if you like being eliminated first its probably going to happen because tunneling, tunneling in dbd is where the killer decides to get you out of the game and if you are scoring to be in the red ranks or purple ranks believe me you won't get pasts green I've been there forever i got to purple ranks once in my life there should be some sort of way that being tunneled does no effect to your rank i don't blame the player base for all the toxicity i will give 70 percent to the player base and 30 to the devs if you have such a issue with perks like DS you can nerf it but i feel that all of those restrictions is a little much at most the totems should be removed its a little much at that point like seriously for the tunneling add a special BT effect an immunity that survs get when off hook to prevent tunneling or maybe make it that until the survivor gets away from a certain distance meters from the hook before they are able to be hit if the surv camps the immunity circle either put a time limit or make all gens blocked until the survivor leaves the safety zone but at the end i can say if you like getting taken out early in the game then buy it

now my next answer will be to the overall spice they have to the game

DBD only has one prime game mode which is the killer vs the 4 survivors i think the modders at mod by daylight made it hilarious with the 2 killers vs 10 survs these are the kind of things we need in DBD if They are worried about the balance of the mode make perks not allowed in that game mode it would be so much fun and if survs get tunneled there those 9 have a chance of fighting back or maybe they should add a hide and seek mode like AngryPug did with his friends on stream it was fun watching that or the hide and seek could be for the 6th anniversary

Last thing to mention is the lag

In DBD you need bp or also called bloodpoints to progress your survivors and may i say in the last 2 days i have played DBD i have lost over 850,000 BP and these points i have lost have impacted my Teachable perk grind if these end game lags never happened (ends by point screen) i would have gotten Were gonna live forever and dead hard from david because i won a huntress match with 2 5th anniversary cakes so that would have been a good 90,000 with my archives challenge that was 25,000 so it was quite disappointing and whats even worse my purple offering that prevents item loss and add-ons was completely wasted because the lag thought i dc'ed preventing me to keep my item and the add-ons

there's obviously a lot wrong with this game especially for an ongoing 5 years if i could get a refund i would i know other developers who definitely deserve the money