Needs a lot of tweaking

User Rating: 4 | Dead by Daylight PS4

I have spent quite a bit of time playing this game. It has a "play-to-win" system (in that the killers/survivors that you pay for are *MUCH* more powerful than those that you don't) that really bothers me. The game has a lot of bugs such as not being able to self-heal at times, easily being able to spoof being lower rank than you really are, and easily being able to quit with no losses when the game is designed for you to lose items and rank if you leave match. With all of the flaws, I am at the point of "I'll wait for the updates". Let's see if the devs fix some of this stuff. The overall concept is very intriguing and I would like to see it work but currently it isn't worth the price which on PSN is free.