Good game, but need more updates and more bugs fixes.

User Rating: 7 | Dead by Daylight PC

Great game!

Hope they add more stuff to the game, to make it better

just they really need to fix a lot of the bugs in the game and add a lot game modes like survival mode or 24 humans vs 4 killers (I mean working with each other and trying to kill the humans would a good mode and if they do add more killers than they should add more humans and more killers) or maybe add more game modes like survival mode(when a human dies they become the another killer) or time attack (The humans have to survival a certain amount of time to win) mode. remove some the perks or downgrade some of them (like the running perk for example) the game would be better if some of them were downgraded.

Anyway hope they make a huge update soon that can make this game even better.

So for right now, the game is a 7.5/10 if they do a update, like I said would fix and add the stuff in the game, it would be a 9.5/10.