De Blob, Fun or boring?

User Rating: 7.5 | de Blob WII
Alrighty here is my review for De Blob. Haven't did a review in a while.

I went out a couple nights ago and decided to rent a game. We looked around and I wanted to grab Ghost Busters (Which I should of) But I decided on De Blob. So I get home, pop this sucker in and well I got De Blob. So I had a friend so we tried out Party mode before anything. And it was alright. We went to story mode and played it for a bit, unlocked alot of stuff and did more party mode with new stuff unlocked. well we played it and did it all. Through the whole game I had this feeling like, something is missing...Like saying, "OH YEAH! I am painted building WOO!" well it felt like that was it, no exciting missions just paint everything and move on to the next part...Well its fun at first, and its good graphics for the Wii. Just didn't feel right...They could of did ALOT more with this game. But I will admit the sound is AWESOME. Controls are good just it gets annoying when your trying to climb a building and you slide slowly down the edge and then you jump away from the building. But I give this game a 7.5 out of 10

They could of did more exciting this with a game like this...but its still good for what it is.