With other mmo out there to choose from, DC universe if definitly not worth a monthly subscribtion.

User Rating: 3 | DC Universe Online PC
I must say this game is pretty horrible. Sure the content has a lot of potential, but the game just start up pretty badly.
As you first login and get to create your first character, If you played other heroes games like champion online and City of Heroes, you'll get a big **** you with eh character creator. First being extremely limited, the way everything is made will make you want to shoot yourself. of the low amount of costume part you get, ou dont have the choice to detail it, to change the pattern on it or anything, like the previous heroes games would let you do. Also If wanting to change a color, you gotta go back in the menu until you are out f the choosing costume area, choose 3 color, and go back to your cosyume menu see how the low amount of choice look with it, if you dont like, go back again in the color menu. Dont get me wrong you have the option to do custom color, costum being that you can switch the 3 color palet on the given item you want to change, but you still have to choose through the 3 color limit by costume. the other part that will make you wonder why you are paying this, is the very limited choice of power you got. In COH and CO, you had a really advance customisation with you heroe's power. In DCUO, once again we go cheap and we get less than a half of what would be offered in those other game. Also you get your travel skill already which would be neat but there is only 3 choice available, acrobatic, fly and run fast. Needless to remind how other game had more choice than that. Especially champion online who was giving you a impressive choice even making you able to be tuneler and travel in a bugs bunny way. also offering you multiple choice of flight to go even further in the way you wanted to customize your character. Why just fly when you're making an ice themed guy? champion online would offer you Ice flight, using a surf board made of ice.

In 2011 with the you amount of mmo games available out there, you cannot go and make a super heroes game in which the most important part dont feel heroic at all. Even more when the other heroes game outthere already got it right, why would you go backward like this ?

If you got throught that horrible first step of your adventure, you'll get to see the tutorial base, in which you discover for the first time that a lot of the animation are freaking horrible. I took a dual pistol guy, as i'm a big fan of deadpool from the marvel universe. DC must have known that because they told me to **** off giving me the worst animation in the history of gaming, Lady and gentlement I present you robotic retard gunshooting. It seriously a mix of that and someone trying to impersonate a train. The worst part is how i'm not exagerating. Also if it wasnt enough, I had to spam click my mouse button to be able to shoot with my gun, because apparently the developers were too dumb to guess people would have like to just hold the button and not have to replace their mouse if they are dumb enough to play for a full month of subscribtion.

In all, I'm a Comic book entusiast, and even tho I prever Marvel, I'm not one to spit unto DC. But this game only brought us back 10 years back from what customisation should be in a heroe game, and offering us an half finished game with crappy animation and a big feeling that they're just tyring to be world of warcraft with the way the progression works. So if I ever feel the urge to play a heroe game, I'm happy to know that I just have to go reinstall Champion Online because at least the game is free to play.