Make $500+ playing DCUO for a month

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Make $500+ playing DCUO for a month

Hi everyone,

Ill keep this short and to the point. I have been playing DCUO on PS3 since launch (on and off) and have only 1 single toon, I am 100Cr Ice tank 142 SP. I recently got a new job which requires me to travel 5 days a week and which leaves the weekend for my wife and 2 kids meaning ZERO time for DCUO. So I recently got a new gaming Laptop and decided to switch from PS3 to PC. The only problem is I can’t import my PS toon to PC and I don’t want to spend a single second of the weekend gaming on PS3 when I haven’t seen my family in 5 days. So here is my offer

I am looking for pay $500 to whoever is willing to start me a new Toon on PC using my station name and get my toon to 100CR Ice tank with 142SP. This is not a SCAM or BS. This is 100% real. I am not willing to start a new Toon from scratch to get him to where I am today it will take me forever and I will absolutely HATE IT plus I really don’t have the time. I know there are some people that play DCUO all day and get nothing in return for it, so this is your chance to actually make money playing the game you love. This is how I think this can work, I will start the Toon, subscribe to legendary for 1 month, and purchase 3 respec tokens for you to use. During this 1 month legendary membership you will I will give you the login info and you will make my toon a 100 CR ice tank with a minimum of 142 skill points. The reason I will get you 3 respec tokens (troll, heal, tank) is because switching powers will help you get styles, feats and skill points faster, I do not want to limit you to only ice from beginning to end but you must be ice when you give me the toon back. Now here is the fun part where you can even make more money, I will pay you an extra $5 per skill point after you have reach 142 so if you give me the character and he has 152 skill points that’s an extra $50. In order to protect you ad protect myself I have no problem having a legally binding contract between the 2 of us, also I will transfer half the amount once you have reached 80 skill points and the other half when you are done. If you want we can even have an electronically signed contract or a video contract through Skype (they are both legal, check if you don’t believe me). I can transfer the money through paypal, personal check, money order or however else you want.

You MUST BE 18 OR OLDER or I won’t have a deal with you, also if you are very straight forward, honest and professional in dealing with me I will include a tip once our business transaction is done. This is NOT A SCAM or BS this is simply an offer to make money, a business offer. If you are willing to do this but have a problem with my terms please email me and let me know we can work something out that makes both parties happy. I am looking for someone who can start first week of january

If you are serious please email me at ramo_2k@hotmail.comwith “Make $500+ playing DCUO for a month” in the subject. Do not miss out on this offer.