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Introducing the new and improved Alpha Enforcers Elite! We've moved our site to Shivtr, redesigned our logo and have never looked better! We've also cleaned house, moving all our younger players to our sister league, Cosmic Knights. Now we're back in full force, so I'm putting out the word: If you're old enough to drink in whatever part of the world you are, we want you! We used to have a very complex list of requirements you had to meet to be eligible, and look where that got us.. So here's all we're asking for: A microphone T5 ready in at least one role Just enough maturity to know when to be serious A sense of humor at the very least more developed than a two year-old And finally, a complete and unconditional dedication to the league; I can guarantee you the league is worth it But I think I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you a bit about my league, and in exchange, you can tell me all about yourself! --Read more: