Server performance: Official Dayz Origins server with 50 slots

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Hello friends, We would like to introduce to our Legends Origins server. The server has 50 slots and is hosted on an SSD. i.e. according to Restart the server again and faster because there is less laggs when ZOCKEN! Server settings! - Server name : Official DayZ Origins #GX After Day-Z .:survival is just the beginning:. [Deutscher Server][Veteran][Active Admins=GDT][MAX Vehicles][Join US][] - Server IP+Port: - 50 Slots - 3rd Person - [on] - Crosshair - [on] - Nameplates - [off] - Death Messages - [on] - Sidechannel - [on] - Server restart every 4 hours rules: - No insults - No hacks or similar such glitches = Perma. spell - Do not talk to Side Channel - No racism our Ts3 All [GDT] = Admin We look forward to seeing you!