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Revolution Gaming Hello, and welcome to the Revolution Gaming network! We are now a two server network of DayZ Chernarus and DayZ Namalsk. We recently partnered with another up and coming server so we are now available two ways! Both server will have the same plugins and rules etc. But, they will be run by seperate staff trees. Please feel free to join either of our servers! IP DayZ Chernarus: IP: DayZ Namalsk: 173.192.70:3170 Rules: 1. Respect all Players 2. Respect all Staff 3. No Racism 4. No Bigotry 5. No Talking in SideChannel 6. No Hacking (NOTE: All rules are enforced individually under the jurisdiction of the currently playing Admin. Some staff members may be more lax than others with punishments. But, all bans are reported to the Owner who make the final decision) Links: Website: TS3: