Recruiting for ''The bastards'' squad

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Hello my name is Kristian. We got 3 in our squad at this moment we want 1-2 more players that is active. we are from timezone 1- paris we are playing on a taviana server atm Requirements - Speak and type fluent english - Be mature and be 16+ in age - Have experience in the game - Have a good attitude - Patience when ambushing. - Be active. - Listen to orders from squad leader. - Got teamspeak 3 - Decent at shooting snipers and assault riffles - Good heli pilot will be prefered. - Dont be a lagging nightmare - Famililar with all weapons and their noise - Dont think with your ass What you can expect from us - Good support and aid in battle - Action against other clans - Great teamwork - We got teamspeak 3 channel - We are well geared that includes as50's and spare ghillies. - We are all very experienced in the dayz world and game - We are not compleet doucebags if you make a mistake. - We DO NOT shoot unarmed players unless he did something to us - We got helis and urals. - We know how to joke arround when thats needed after a won battle You can reply to me on my skype(rynkebysaft2)/steam(kristian0001)/ts3( and ofc in here. If you got any question ask me. HF and GL out there i know i put this in alot but iam only taking 2 players max so reply :)