Private roleplaying server looking for members!

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Are you looking for a server where your actions actually matter? Are you tired of constantly dealing with bandits? The New Society is a roleplaying community that's main goal is to create a new dimension to gaming. Members of our community will assume a role in game and act as if they are that person. Deathmatch style gaming is not allowed. Players are encouraged to interact with each other in the game world rather than just shoot at each other. Within our server we will have three faction types. Clans: Clans are military style organizations that intend to claim territory, dominance over a group, and force rules upon others. Clans will consist of 9+ members. Tribes: Tribes are small groups of players that don't wish to asset dominance over anyone and just want to work together towards a common goal, whatever that may be. Tribes consist of 3-8 members. Independent Survivors: Independent Survivors are just that. They are the loners, bounty hunters, guns for hire. The independent survivor is the common man. Features of the server: All players must create a persona that they will assume in game. While in game all players must stay in character. Deathmatch gaming, which is killing people just to kill them is in violation of our rules and can lead to a ban. Territory claiming. Clans, and to a lesser extent Tribes, can claim territory and impose rules and laws within that land. A true community. Everything you do has the potential to effect all other players. Alliances can be forged and wars started. Much much more. The Community. The New Society is a friendly and mature community that wishes to create more out of the games in which we play. Registration Access to the server is only given to registered members of the server. Once registered you must create a short bio of the character you wish to play. At that time you may join our server and create your own story. So if you have any questions please ask! If this is something that might interest you please check us out on our website
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