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~~~~~Gamers Dream~~~~~ Here at Gamers-Dream we like to do things differently. We enjoy making sure the community is active as well as player friendly (No, this does not mean we do not accept bandits). At Gamers-Dream you will be playing on a server that does not tolerate people who refuse to listen to staff. We have a very active TeamSpeak as well as an active forums. We host tournaments in which players may enter to win load outs as well as other games! So we hope to see you on our servers soon! Active Staff 200+ Vehicles 45+ Players on Server 2 at all times (55-65 During the day.) 2 Servers (65 player cap on server 1 & 2.) Custom Load outs ($10, $20, $30, $50) AS50's are not aloud besides in the $50. Vehicle Spawn Custom Bases Active Forums New Anti-Hack Currently ranked #2 in the world ~~~~~~~~~~List below varies depending on server~~~~~~~~~~ Attack Dogs Custom Working Bridges Hostile & Friendly NPC's throughout the entire server! Password protected bases Towing vehicles Spawn with gun ~~~~~~~~~~Server Information~~~~~~~~~~ Server 1- Server 2- TeamSpeak- gd.tsucp.com Forums- http://gamers-dream.com/