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Hello fellow DayZ players and Gamespot.com We;re Dutch DayZ Bastards and we recently started our own server :) We have the Chernarus map with some added buildings in it :) PvP checkpoints all over the map, and NEAF is now better than NWA. We added a supermarket and appartments in kamenka so it isnt that bad to spawn there. Our settings are: Difficulty: Veteran (No nameplates) Anti hax: Gotcha-antihax.com Croshairs = OFF Kill Message = OFF (Like: Henkie killed Frankie with M4A1 CCO SD) Death Message = OFF (Like: Henkie was killed) 3rd person = ON And you start with this: Machete 1x Painkillers 1x Pepsi 1x Morphine 1x Can of sardines 2x Bandage And tools: Flashlight Toolbox Compass We gave everybody a toolbox so when they wanne check out our server they can easily make vehicles. Only the 2 server owners have the admin map and they use it only once a week to control the vehicle spawns, and these 2 people wont loot tents or vehicles or steal something! So there is no admin abuse! There are 8 people who have the Rcon tool on who play on different day times and they take care of cheaters and people who use VIOP on the side channel. Please check us out: We have our own teamspeak 3 as well! ts3.dutchdayzbastards.eu:9987 The forum is at the moment: http://knightsofanarchy.clanz.co (and normal it is http://www.dutchdayzbastards.eu/ but that wont work at the moment) Kind Regards, The Ducth DayZ Bastards Team!