DayZ Taviana: Joes Zombie Shack! (70+CustomWeapons//350+Vehicles+ MUCH MORE!!!

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Hello everyone! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am taking time to promote a server I play on, Joes Zombie Shack. I have played DayZ since the original release, so I have very much experience when it comes to both Open and Private Hive servers (PVP and Non-PVP). This is by far the BEST server I have yet to play on actively, and the community is a great mix of Bandits, Heroes, and Survivalists. There is never any hackers, and when there is the Administrator ban's them instantaneously. Very good anti-hack protection, makes it fair for all of us playing on the server. I myself personally gear all new players to the server, as a welcome to the server most times. Our community is very friendly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some information on Joes Zombie Shack (IP: 2302): 70+ Custom Weapons (Adding in new weapons regulary!) 25+ Aircrafts. (Osprey/C130/Biplane/UH1H/Mi17/Littlebird). 350+ Vehicles including CUSTOM vehicles. (50Cal Vodnik/Medical Vodnik/50 Cal UAZ + more!) CUSTOM Crash Sites containing rare loot+Custom Weapons! 2.5Hr Cycle of Day/Night with Fog/Sunrise+Sunset. Halo Jumps! (Jumping w/o Parachute deployment). Cargo Drop for aircrafts! Very good anti-hack system. Super friendly community. Very competitive clan base. Custom bases to be added soon!! Server restart's every 6hrs! Over 7+ Custom Scripts being implemented ASAP! Custom Invisible Loot Box with AI (computers) defending it! (Only visible within 200m! RARE loot! Coming soon!!) Survivor Games Events to be held as well as other Adminstrator hosted events! MANY more details so come check out the fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions or concerns about the server or anything involved you can respond on this forum to myself personally or contact the administrator in-game. Any immediate issues can be solved be contacting Zombie_Shack on steam where you can contact an administrator at any time. Thanks for your time and hope to play with you soon!! -Adolf Joes Zombie Shack IP: 2302
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