DayZ Taviana 2.0 hosted by CDN Stormtroopers-Friendly admins

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DayZ Taviana 2.0 hosted by CDN Stormtroopers-Friendly admins and a great gorup of regulars Newer server looking for all kinds of players. We have very active and helpful admins, and have had some pretty awesome weekend events (Demolition Derby, Figure Eight Death race, etc). We give new players a tent if they want to establish a camp, and in a few short weeks, we have already gotten some regular players. We are stream friendly, and encourage both heroism and banditry. We are secured by Battleye and Gotcha, with four admins that are never too far away from the server. We have server email, and a 40 man Ventrilo server for our players to use for VOIP. Search for us on DayZ commander using either CDN Stormtroopers or by our IP address Port number 3391. Server Info- Up to 500 ground vehicles, and varying numbers of helis/planes. Simple startup gear (Makarov, map, one can of food and drink and a small pack). Custom Debug menu, custom loot at heli crashes, 24/7 day. We have a custom weapons cache hidden on the island for you to find and loot, on a Private Hive. If you're looking for that great server with friendly people and no BS, join us here for a great time and overall positive DayZ experience.