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Hi Guys, I have just created and finished polishing my new DayZ Server, "DansPlayingGames" Just making a post incase anyone is looking for a new server. Theres a day a night cycle and the timezone is GMT -6 So it gets dark about 1am. There are over 30 Heli Spawns and over 10 armored vehicles to find! The starting load out if perfect in my opinion, starting with a silenced pistol and plenty of ammo, basic medi supplies, map gps etc, I had the problem when playing that I would start out with just bandages and not get very far before I was dead. So this in my opinion is enough to get out looking for gear, and still be able to fight of zombies/players(if you are that way inclined) Its a new server, so there isnt much of a player base yet, which is why Im here, there are 2 active admins at the moment. Will be recruiting soon. So come and have a go! and if you have any suggestions after playing please let me know, as my aim was to create the perfect dayz server! Thank you for your time Server Info Ip: Port: 3034 To add the server, open DayZ Commander, and click on favourites, and there are two boxes at the top, first one for the IP second for the port, click add and my server will appear. It also runs rMod, so please install this prior to playing on the server
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  Server name: 28 Months Later... IP: : 3374 Loc=USA, Diff=Regular, Map=Chernarus, Slots=50, TZ=HawaiiAleutian, 3DP=on, CH=on, NP=scroll nameplates, DM=on, SC=not sure what this means, PW=no, WL=no Contact: This is a new server with dedicated admins who have put a ton of work into making this the best DayZ experience possible.