Daytona USA Friend Request

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There are never any online games anytime I check, which makes me sad. I want to get an Endurance race going with a few people. I don't care if it's with catch-up or if it's with tire wear. I couldn't care less if I come in 1st or last. I just want to have a big Daytona USA race with some real people. Or even some regular races. Whatever. So, I need some Daytona people on my friends list so we can make it happen. XBL Gamertag: GlaciusXL. I'll even buy it on PSN if necessary. GlaciusXL there too although I'm rarely online on PSN.

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i have the game and also looking for people to play with, if you wanna add me

PSN: killerband55 (Please mention in the friend invite you are from Gamespot/Gamefaqs and you wanna play Daytona USA, DO NOT LEAVE FRIEND INVITE BLANK OR I WILL DELETE THE INVITE)