An excellent game which for some reason didn't get enough traction with reviewers and players alike

User Rating: 10 | Days Gone PS4

What makes a game successful is not only the design but the marketing behind it. I feel like Days Gone didn't receive any because I had to find it by accident in one of the discount bins at Gamestop. Let me tell you that this is one of the best games I have ever played period.

People constantly bring up "The last of US" as if it is the pinnacle of zombie games, but "Days Gone" is literally the most immersive experience I have had in terms of this genre. Not to mention the combat, the gameplay, the story, the exploration... Its like they took the best from various game and combined into the best open world post apocalyptic zombie survival game of all times.

Let me be clear, compared to "Days Gone" , "The last of us" is a joke. If you have ever played the following games you will most likely find many similarities. The open world system is very similar to "Far Cry" where you have to capture outposts and clear enemy positions. The driving and missions feel like GTA. The story feels as deep as the first couple of seasons of "The walking dead". The writing is phenomenal, much better than "The last of US 2" let me tell you. The combat feels like "the last of us" with more freedom. Instead of being locked in some kind of linear level, you can take advantage of the geography in order to succeed. You can prepare yourself by crafting the right equipment, by purchasing the right weapon and using various tools. A moment in the game that struck me was when I lured a massive horde of zombie to clear an enemy camp filled with soldiers. It wasn't scripted, it was all me!

The game allows you to upgrade equipment, learn new crafting options, put skill points in order to improve your character and find an injector throughout the map to upgrade health, stamina and focus. By doing the various missions you gain trust and camp credits to purchase and upgrade your gear, not to mention your bike.

Days Gone VS The last of US

Days gone:

  1. Better Story and more interesting characters!
  2. The game takes 30 to 60 hours.
  3. The combat feels great and more flexible
  4. The game is open world, you can approach any mission your way
  5. There are more upgrades, weapons and an awesome customizable motorbike.
  6. The missions feel fresh and not very repetitive
  7. The world and landscapes are breathtaking.
  8. Various enemy types never leaving your board ranging some elite soldiers to hordes of zombies.
  9. The game is pretty balance and you will sometimes need to run, sometimes you will need to fight and other times you will need to be stealth. You cannot defeat 1000 zombies running at you.
  10. The graphics are pretty good but I have heard that its gonna come out with improved graphics for PS5.

BUY IT! This is a game you must play and don't listen to the critics. If you love FarCry/GTA/The last of us, you cannot miss this game!