Long game with good storytelling (very repetitive)

User Rating: 9 | Days Gone PS4

Just beat this game. I enjoyed every minute of this game despite the repetitiveness.


+ Great visuals. The environments are very well designed. Good views.

+ Huge open world with diversity of environments.

+ Characters are very well developed. The main character, Dekker, and his friend, really make the difference on this game. Developer made a good job here because you get involved in the story.

+ Story, is really good thou, even though it is not new stuff here, how the characters take well advantage of the story. There are some cutscenes that are well done.


- Very repetitive, there are secondary missions that repeat over and over. The game is really long because of that.

- Even though, there are very good cut scene, it still not reach Uncharted level, I think that given the Story chosen, there were needed more development on that part.

You can get the Platinum on this game. There are not missing trophies here. It takes some time but not too much more than the time needed to beat the game. My recommendation here is to check the trophy list and those trophies that needs to collects / do stuff several time, do it from the beginning. Choose your weapon load wisely.

Despite the low score, this game is highly recommeded. It is a very long game (+60 hours, including the tasks to get the Platinum trophy).