This is a great game not some mediocre Netflix film like the GS review would have you believe

User Rating: 9 | Days Gone PS4

Like most people, I have a lot more time to catch up on my gaming over the last few weeks, So I've played through Red Dead 2 and now Days gone back to back.

I was intrigued by the disparity between the low 'official' (ie IGN / Gamespot) review scores and the high user ratings, so I grabbed Days gone for 20 quid on sale.

IGN/Gamespot reviews sound like a Netflix commentary of some new TV series.

In my opinion, I'm enjoying the single player of Days Gone far more than Red Dead 2. I found RDR2 way too meandering, lacking focus, too much time spent travelling around, poor shooting mechanics and badly laid out controls. Days Gone improves in all these areas - in spite of the GS review, I didn't find it repetitive - I really enjoyed the sense of dread every time you dismount the bike to investigate a building or move a car out of the way in the tunnel

Really well paced game, tight shooting and stealth mechanics (I found assaulting bandit camps a bit phantom pain-esque).

And as for the massive zombie-hoard battles, you have to experience them for yourself...