One of the Best single player Open World experience

User Rating: 9 | Days Gone PS4

IMO Gamespot's review was really unfair. Here's what I felt about this game:

I completed the 100% story, along with a lot of side quests and still I want to go back and play a little bit more. This game is just a better Far Cry with zombies. At launch there were bugs but after more than 6 months I couldn't find any noticeable bug except few minor issues. Frame Rate drops at few places for sure.

Story is compelling and gives you a reason to keep playing to find out what happens next. Few side quests are good, few are repetitive like any other open world.

Days gone has a beautiful, well decorated and huge map which is worth exploring. Riding bike is fun, I never got bored of riding from one place to other, their is a constant danger through out the map, you can never be sure that you are going to arrive without getting attacked on the way, and that gives a feeling of uncertainty throughout the game. Upgrading bike is worth your time and difference is noticeable.

Zombies or Human enemies are spread nicely all over the map that gives perfect balance of fear of getting attacked by either Zombies or ambushed by Humans, and still there are too many places to catch a breath and take few beautiful screenshots, I paused too many times for photo mode.

Enemies get difficult as game progresses but combat is more or less repetitive, but unlike games like far cry 5, it never gets easy, there are always 15+ enemies at any given location.

And around 70% story completion you get to Fight Hordes, and that is the one of the best experiences you can get from Days gone. Fighting hordes needs planning, patience and at the same time uncertainty and adrenaline rush.

Overall I feel days gone is a very underrated game and deserves more praise than it got. 9/10