A GOOD game that becomes GREAT after reaching half of it.

User Rating: 9 | Days Gone PS4

Edited: At first i thought the game was a 7, but now almost at the end, the game is awesome 8.5/10. The first part of the game is a bit slow and not so charming, but after reaching lost lake the game gets much better, lots of quests, weapons and zombies yeah.

Days gone is a really fun zombie shooter game, with great cinematics. I can't stop playing the game, killing hordes and riding the bike is so pleasing.

The bad points:

I've seen various bugs (like npcs saying they're wounded on a bike when they're clearly not) and occasional freezes and slowdowns.

Lack of quests outside encapments (you can't talk to gangs, you just kill them).

Would have appreciated more flashbacks from the first days of the infection.