No need to play it, absolutely do not buy it!

User Rating: 3 | Daylight PC

The interesting fact about this game is that it starts out great. If I were to rate the first ten minutes, I'd give it a solid 9/10. Not a perfect 10, because right off the bat, Sarah seems to react to stuff that I never heard/seen. When she said "oh my God, what was that?!" and I've heard/seen nothing...that was a bad omen... Right away I knew that this was going to be a disconnected partnership between Sarah and me, and in horror games it's all about being one with the protagonist.

So first impressions overall were great. Very nice graphics, awesome atmosphere, didn't seem like there were going to be any cheap scares (oh boy how wrong was I), superb audio. But soon after those first ten minutes, it very quickly dawned on me that this is a just a bad dungeon crawler with nothing but cheap scares (and at times very effective) but frankly nearly none of the horror parts were absorbing or even stressful, it just ended up being tedious to endure. The official review quantified most of the negatives, so I won't repeat them, but as a more "seasoned" gamer who enjoys horror games, I hope I can persuade you to not waste your time on this game. You'll gain nothing out of it, unless you think you'll enjoy a dungeon crawler dressed up as a horror game, but not being good at either.

Thank you.