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User Rating: 3.5 | Day of the Zombie PC
it says all my "Review Deck" this game should be called "Land Of The Dead : Day of the Dead" the story its not from previews game but the story is yet another survival horror

Graphic: im running the game with highest/maximum setting still its not good,one of the problem is the white filter thing its like brightness and gamma i did adjust it but no chance still bad and still the same most of objects that part from the game has many-many numbers of similar all over the environment and broken debris are just display when you destroy it few seconds later it vanished on the ground the most destroyable object was doors "im running a game with Arcade graphic here? whats going on" even the help of back ground ambient like dead bodies,blood splatter all over the walls, still not good enough, the game still has no ragdolls shot these zombie in the head staring to shake with animated blood spray "classic" and some of zombie body part just gone there "no gore for zombie game?" the body zombie will disappeared on the ground after dead and few seconds..

Gameplay: "oh my god" the game is like stand-alone mission expansion pack the weapons still the same right back from "Land of the Dead Road to Fiddler's Green" the zombie still the same but its been change for little appearance new look as usual your character can sprint but stop if its gets tired the other annoying part of the game is the zombie just broked through the walls over and over in some scripted areas "how the heck these zombie is strong to break the thick stoned walls but they can't break the wooden barrage ?" anyway not only think walls also they keep break in to most doors "to make it scarier and more thrilling lol"

Misc: the game has Online Multiplayer/Lan Multiplayer i haven't tested yet but i know still the same with "Land Of The Dead Road To Fiddler's Green" game mechanics, the is using comic book with pictures on the screen with camera is scrolling on them and not CG/animation action as intro of the story and stage, on Option theres only Screen Resolutions,16bit/32bit setting,Texture Detailed/stage with low,med,high, and how much Shadow detail,there is no other video setting from it so far..

overall i give it 3.5 hey people wake up its modern already the game is even worst i suggest just get Left4Dead "L4D 2 is OUT!" its more enjoying game with co-op / online / battle , of course Alone in the Dark , Resident Evil 5, Stalker series , Silent Hill series , Saw , FEAR series ..and for those i messed epic horror game..