Daxter Cheats For PSP

  1. Jak Mask

    The Mask can be found in the prison level, In the socond cell block with 3 guards patrolling it. If you sneak behind the guards, fallowing the guars counter clockwise. You will find the key behind the second pillar. Now the first door you see(northeast) open it and smash the picture on the shelf. The Jak Mask is now yours.

    Contributed by: Spike17Spiegel 

  2. Sly Cooper Mask

    The Sly Cooper Mask is in the City Port area. There is a box behind the warp gate to Emerald Isle that you can jump onto. Jump up on it, then go behind it and turn back the way you came. You will see the back of the box has a picture on it. Smash the picture, then go inside the box. Inside is the Sly Cooper Mask.

    Contributed by: spazdawg1992 

  3. Human Daxter Mask

    The Human Daxter Mask is in the Hotel Level. After the first pipe slide, you run up a slope. When you get to the top, trun around. You should see a ledge. After you get the Flamethrower attachment, you can reach it. On the ledge is the picture. Smash it, and You get the Human Daxter Mask, and the Hat.

    Contributed by: spazdawg1992 

  4. Samos Mask

    The Samos Mask is in the Lumbermill stage. After the first bug zapper, you have to pass a few saw blades. After that , if you look to your right, you'll see a tunnel with a saw blade in it. Look towards your left. You'll see a stream. Jump off the platform to your left, and hover, staying close to the wall. After a few seconds, you'll come to a small space in the wall. Inside is the picture.Smash it, and you get the Samos Mask.

    Contributed by: spazdawg1992 

  5. Ratchet Mask

    The Ratchet Mask is in the Subway level. After the part where you jump from train to train, you'll come to a section where you have to climb up some net, while avoiding the energy going up it. When you reach the top, look down the side closest to the entrance to next part of the level. Drop down onto the ledge, smash the picture, and you get the mask.

    Contributed by: spazdawg1992 

  6. Clank Mask

    The Clank Mask is in Tanker 1. After Several of the spring pads, you have to climb up a wall. When you get to the top, turn around. there's another wall you can climb. Hover over to it, climb it, then turn around again. You'll see the picture on the ledge across from you. Hover over, then smash it.

    Contributed by: spazdawg1992 

  7. Daxter's Goggles

    Connect Daxter to Jak X Combat Racing for the PS2 and you can unlock the option to toggle whether or not Daxter wears his goggles over his eyes.

    Contributed by: mjc0961 

  8. Modified Scooter

    Get 100% in Jak X and when you connect to Daxter you will get a pimped out scooter with different paint job and flames decals.

    Contributed by: Spike17Spiegel 

  9. Extras

    Unlockable vides by collecting Precursor Orbs.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    1000 Precursor Orbs Behind the Scenes
    700 Precursor Orbs Concept Art
    600 Precursor Orbs E3 2005 Trailer
    900 Precursor Orbs Game in Construction
    800 Precursor Orbs Intro Animatic

    Contributed by: Spike17Spiegel 

  10. Minigames

    Minigames that are unlocked when certain amounts of orbs are collected.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Collect 100 Orbs Braveheart Minigame
    Collect 300 Orbs Indiana Jones Minigame
    Collect 500 Orbs Lord of the Rings II Minigame
    Collect 200 Orbs Lord of the Rings Minigame
    Collect 1 Orb Matrix I Minigame
    Collect 400 Orbs Matrix II Minigame

    Contributed by: essence of halo 

  11. Minigame Unlockables

    Unlockable items and codes accessed by getting golds on the minigames.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Gold on Indiana Jones Minigame Indiana Jones Hat
    Gold on Lord of the Rings II Minigame Pants
    Gold on Matrix I Minigame Website Clue A
    Gold on Braveheart Minigame Website Clue B
    Gold on Lord of the Rings I Minigame Website Clue C
    Gold on Matrix II Minigame Website Clue D

    Contributed by: essence of halo 

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