Horrible game with good intro movie

User Rating: 1.5 | Dawn of Magic PC
What is wrong with this game you ask? Hm. How about... everything?

The distorted cracking sound everywhere within the game make it an unpleasant experience alone, but there is more... the poorly designed and confusing in-game interface makes it worse.

The graphics are atrocious (with everything maxed out) - it's so colorful it hurts my eyes. Difficult to distinguish the enemies between all those plants of all colors. The level of detail is great, but the environment design is terrible - weird colors and an abundance of plants and trees.

As for the gameplay, you probably won't be able to finish the first quest since the monsters are not easy to kill, and the NPC's are invincible and do a lot more damage than you with a variety of spells might I add. Oh yes, I had a mighty broom as a weapon.

Let me tell you what I did next: The NPC kept following me and hurting me and since he couldn't be killed I ran away; he followed me so I ran inside the starting building, guessing it was a safe place to be as customary to the RPG genre. But guess what, it's not! He followed me inside, killed me and I spawned right next to him. :)

Another weird thing would be that the enemies' life bar fills up instead of emptying. Odd design.

I didn't like it, my friends didn't like it, chances are you won't like it either. What is there to like, even the Gamespot reviewers gave it only a 3.