Not that bad

User Rating: 8 | Dawn of Magic PC
I have no idea why the game has been rated so poorly. So tired of hearing the game is a another Diablo clone just because it has some shared features with it (apart from the camera I don't see a lot more shared features). This games can bring you a lot of variety because it can offer different spell combos. Some spells can add a secondary effect to your cast spell. So you can cast fireball that on hit casts lightning. It may get repetitive, but at higher levels combat is very action demanding so it doesn't get boring. There's a lot of spell combos to be had in this game and making your own combos is fun. The downside is that there is no keyboard shortcut (for some reason) for switching between spell tollbars so it's harder to perform those spell combos. (ok it does have, but it's not a one button shortcut so it's still difficult to switch between spell bars) This isn't the first time that gamespot underrates a game. Just try the demo (it offers a lot of gameplay) and see for yourself.