This is a very disappointing game. The game play is boring and unimaginative.

User Rating: 1 | Dawn of Magic PC
The game controls are difficult to figure out and the manual is very vague about the various aspects of the game.

I found the interaction between the main character and the other NPC's to be unimaginative and terribly handled. I have been in fight scenes where I have died because the text blocks of the NPC's blocked out the enemy.

The camera angles are also very irritating and are not user friendly. I had to fiddle with the settings in order to get a semblance of control over the game.

The character also has to level up considerably before decent armour or weapons become available. The whole character development is badly thought out, you only get one skill point per level and you have to designate it to one of 3 attributes.

The game was a waste of my money and now I have to try and get a refund from the place I bought it. Maybe they will let me exchange it.