Good intro to totally lead a let down to a bad-looking, sometimes confusing RPG game

User Rating: 2 | Dawn of Magic PC
Medieval RPGs will ever have their places in my heart, specially those with outstanding magic skills and presentation, but Dawn of Magic can go directly to the forgotten pages of Oblivion (pun intended).

First things first, the intro movies is good, although the CG pre=rendered cutscenes seems reminscent from a Diablo II movie (not that Diablo's weren't good, they were awsome, but a little too outdated), it does well in creating an atmosphere and a context to the game.

But the in-game is awful. For a game from 2007 with graphics fairly similar to Neverwinter Nights (a 2002 title) is not a good start, the magics choice can be a little overwhelming, the quest system is way too simple, the trading is obnoxious (for you have to begin a conversation with a trader at least to times to get to tge trading). One note to the trade, the game doesn't stop while you're trading, so if you're in a time limited quest, do not waste your time trading, even when it's needed (no money, or potions, or overcumbered). A way too realistic touch to this none-at-all realistic game.

The inventory system is confusing. Although items can be splitted into tabs of common characteristcs (like, weapons, armor, scrolls, etc...) They're displayed in a horizontal row and no info at all (unless you highlight one item with the mouse pointer)

Hence, spare your gaming time staying clear of this title.