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I hate this game. I hate the fact that when I try to do missions and am playing along there is always someone. (Not always the same quest giver) how says that you failed a quest. I really want to complete part "always at your service" but this game is built to put some random quest"That does not show up AT ALL) and the next think I know "I FIALED" on a quest that I was never notified. Normally I get a verbal message and then something appears in my screen indicating a quest is given on the right. I I have tried again and again in different games and each time I get at least 10 or so quest done before some idiot (who obviously thinks I am A MIND READER) tells me I failed it's quest and therefore forfeited the "always at your service" quest. Is this a bug or is this something in the game to make this more frustrating. What I really want is those gems to get the structure. I feel like I wasted hours playing and replaying the same game and keep failing. I even stop and look for the quest but I don't see anything. any ideas?