Dave Mirra was very enjoyable.

User Rating: 8 | Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX DC
I don't see what's up with the 3.6?Dave Mirra on Dreamcast is just as good and even better than the Playstation version.This game for me had alot to offer since back then I was a huge fan of the Tony Hawk series and this suited my love for a great bike game.Now of course you get to play as the legend Dave Mirra himself plus a couple other bikers like Joey Garcia,Kenan Harkin,Chad Kagy,Shaun Butler and more.Their is also alot of advertisements like SlimJim,Addias,DC Shoes and more.Now the gameplay in my opinion is pretty nice since it feels like Tony Hawk on a bike.The controlls feel tight and I like the graphics for it.It looks much more polished than the Playstation version and their are also alot of tricks to do.However sometimes the graphics do look a bit gltichy sometimes and once in awhile the physics will get really wonky making for some unrealalstic enviorments.However you can get by this if you tryYou can do stuff like Flips,Rolls,Grinds and much more.The enviorments are also really nice as well from places like Trailer Parks,Staidums,Mansions,Empty Swimming Pools,Regular Parks and much more.Just like in the Tony Hawk series you also have to do a set number of goals as well.Like getting a high score,reaching certin areas and destorying something as well.It can be very challenging and it can take awhile to do some things.The music is also pretty awesome ranging from artists like Deftones,Sublime,Cypress Hill,Rancid and much more.Overall Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX is a fun BMX game to check out.While the graphics are very glitchy,The physics suck and challenge level may turn some off.This is a great bike game to own if you love the sport and if you own a Dreamcast.