This game looks and controls like crap and to top it off, it has a horrible soundtrack and has a short career mode.

User Rating: 4.2 | Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 GC
In my eyes, Acclaim can't really make a good game. There games come and go quickly. If they had one great game it would be the original Turok for N64. After that, things went downhill.

Now, at Gamecube's launch comes Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX 2, a BMX game that is far from flawless.

To start this off, I'll start with the looks. While the graphics aren't horrible they are far from good. The character models look decent but they are far cartoon-like for their own good, along with the levels. The levels are small and the design is repetitive. The levels also are not realistic, as some grinding rails are literally eight feet tall yet you can still bunny hop up and grind it. The levels are small and lack variety that you would see in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2.

Now moving onto the sound. There is no real voice acting and the sound effects feel a bit off key. The SFX aren't really all that bad but the soundtrack is. It is small and for all of the bands on it, they ended up either picking the worst songs or the worst bands. Some examples of music you'll find are artists like Sublime, Sum 41, Gang Starr, Ozzy Ozbourne, Rage Against the Machine and more. None of the songs by these great artists are good and they are mostly some of the worst songs by them.

The controls. What can I say, they are bad. I have played this game for about, maybe seven hours and although I have completed the game, I am still not used to the controls. All I could do was get into manuals and jump and do tricks to rake up some massive combos. After playing this game I realized that controls are a very important element in a video game. I mean, most of this game is unplayable. The tricks are hard to pull off, and even harder to land. I am used to using the A button in action sports games to accelerate but here you have to hold the Up on the analog and that was very confusing. This game just doesn't control well.

It has goals like a Tony Hawk game, but the goals kind of suck and just aren't fun. I don't suggest a BMX fan or not to buy this game because it is a big waste of $4.99