i dont think they should put bmx with video games

User Rating: 7.3 | Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 PS2
I mean, if you are racing bmx on a track, fine. But for freestyle, i just find it lacking of good controls and easy manuverability. Half of the time you land backwards off a ramp and then it is a pain to turn around. Hey, maybe i just suck at this game but i have played it for a while and always get very frusttrated at it. The game also lacks a well developed soundtrack. i mean, comparing to tony hawk game, which have at least 20-50 songs, this game doent even have 15 songs to hear. The graphics are not the greatest and neither is the gameplay.
I would recommend buying maybe tony hawk undergorund or any other tony hawk games, just dont buy this game. The bike does not have much manuverability and i fell ike im rolling around some big fat thing that i cant turn around. Just go with tony hawk for better gameplay, soundtracks, tricks, camera, graphics, and anyhting else.