Better Than Hoffman

User Rating: 7.5 | Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 XBOX
Dave mirra bmx 2 was the first game i got for my xbox back in 02.
i loved it then , rider models were a bit goofy and the beloved bail feature from the playstation game , was alot harder to pull off.
the graphics other than the riders are superb , brilliant grass and water effects.
the levels are full of concrete ramps and dirt hills to launch off , but unlike Hoffman Pro Bmx 2 , the ramps and quarter pipes are placed in more natural places in the levels . there is plenty of action going on in some levels such as the Greenville (xbox exclusive) and Highway.
Ever since the days of " Thrasher Skate and destroy" to Dave mirra Bmx 1 there is always a train to run into and watch your little rider fly or be driven along and in Mirra 2 you have plenty to watch out for , or run into and sit back and watch the madness.
the highway level is ......a highway , while it has a huge skate park on the side, the fun is to be had crashing into the speeding and unforgiving traffic.
What makes this even more fun is the replay feature , witch you can save to your hardrive and watch over and over again.
The traffic itself visualy isnt anything to jump for joy -as i said before the best visuals is the grass areas and water - but they do look good.

Career mode was a bit too hard for me , but i suck so that do'snt mean much.

the bike physics i find better than Hoffman 2 , such as the ability to ride and hit moves inFakie (backwards) . But there are No flatland tricks other than the simple manual.
the controls can sometimes be a bit unresponsive but nothing to get frustrated over.
the sound is great , every level has great sound effects , and the Music tracks are great , but there is the option for your on custom soundtrack

overall dave mirra freestyle 2 is a fun game , and i my opinion it is better than Matt hoffman2...maybe not in realism, but differently in Gameplay.
after all these years im stil play Mirra 2 and i am still blown away by the water in the greenville level.

Worth a look , if you never picked this one up in the last couple of years